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APA Ranked by Financial Times for Top 300 Register Investment Advisers

APA Ranked by Financial Times for Top 300 Register Investment Advisers Disclosures: This rating is not indicative of future performance. Individual account experience may vary. This material is not financial

Kevin Woods, Principal, quoted in Debtwire Municipals Article on Puerto Rico

Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico trading follows inverted yield curveFeb. 5, 2014 Trading on bonds backed by the Government

Charles Doty Ranked by Barron’s for “America’s Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors”

Charles Doty Named One of the Nations' Top Independent Financial Advisors for the Third Consecutive Year. Atlanta, Georgia, August 26,

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Beginning with his remarks May 22nd before a Congressional committee and again on June 19 at a press conference following

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On June 27, 2012, the City Council of Stockton, California voted 6 -1 to adopt a spending plan for operating

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APA works closely with its clients in developing an in-depth understanding of their unique investment objectives with an intense focus on preservation of wealth.  We then tailor an investment program that best meets our client’s specific long term income goals while preserving asset levels.

Since its founding, Asset Preservation Advisors is committed to delivering the highest level of service quality and wealth preservation.  A consistent investment process and corresponding trading discipline led to APA’s growth in assets under management over the past two decades.

We value highly the trust our clients have shown in APA and remain committed to adhering to the highest ethical, moral and business standards first envisioned at our founding in 1989.